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Spotify offers a platform aimed exclusively at artists and their team (band, label, manager, producers, etc.), called Spotify for Artists.

With Spotify for Artists you have access to a lot of additional tools, including: being a verified artist, managing and customizing your profile, knowing much more about your audience, real-time statistics, and even promoting concerts and merchandising from your profile!

Now you're wondering why you weren't part of Spotify for Artists anymore, right? Don't worry, it's a no-brainer. Here's how to access it.

Access Spotify for Artists

A small observation before we begin: Check with your team if anyone already has access to Spotify for Artists.

If that's the case, you can skip this entire process and request access directly from that person, and even invite the rest of the team to manage the profile.

Now, requesting access to your Spotify for Artists is super simple, let's get started!

1. Access Spotify for Artists

You can download the app from the Play Store Or the App Store, or log in to the web

You must log in from your personal Spotify account (from the account where you listen to music), or if you don't have a Spotify account, you must register.

Once you are logged in, click on “Get access”.

Spotify will ask you what role you play within the band or artist's team, select the role that corresponds to you.

Before proceeding with the access request, Spotify will ask you if you already have music available on the platform. Click on “Continue” to move forward.

Remark: If your music is not yet available on Spotify, but you have a scheduled release, you must ask Random Sounds for your code Artist URI.

2. Select Artist

Next, you must search for the profile of the artist or band you want to request access to or use the code Artist URI.

Please verify that this is the correct profile to continue.

Ojo, you can only request one profile at a time.

3. Complete your Work Email

The business email (“work email”) is the email address where all notifications about Spotify for Artists will arrive.

It can be the email address with which you sign in to Spotify or it can be the one you use exclusively for things related to your music, that's up to you!

Spotify will ask you to confirm your business email before filling in the rest of the data.

Check your email! Spotify will send you a 6-digit verification code to confirm your email address. Please enter the numbers to continue.

4. Fill in your details

Check that the data is correct and click on “Next”.

5. Connect Social Networks

You must connect social networks to confirm your identity.

You need the username and password of the artist or band's networks and/or leave the link to your website. The more data you fill in, the better.

Once you complete all the possible fields, accept the Spotify terms and conditions and to finish, click “Submit”.

6. Ready!

Now all you have to do is wait for the email notification to find out if you were able to verify.

As the notice says, it can take around 3 days. You should be aware if Spotify needs any additional data to complete the verification.

You now have access to Spotify for Artists

Congratulations! Spotify accepted your request.

Now you can access a variety of tools to customize your profile, as well as super useful information to optimize your releases within Spotify, including:

  • Customize your profile.
  • Add a video loop to your song (Spotify Canvas).
  • Set up a featured release.
  • Understand your metrics and your audience.
  • Apply to Spotify editorial playlists.
  • Promote concerts.
  • Promote merchandising.
  • Unlink a release that doesn't belong to you from your profile.

An important observation

You can only request access to an artist profile that already exists on Spotify 👀

Profiles are generated on Spotify (and other platforms) once you have distributed your songs through Random Sounds.

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