Verify your artist account on TikTok

Verify your artist account on TikTok with Random Sounds Premium



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If you're an artist and your songs are already on all digital platforms (including TikTok), you have support to request verification of your account as an artist! Here's how.

Verified account on TikTok

Random Sounds Premium subscribers on annual plans have support for verifying their TikTok accounts, in addition to Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Complete the form

You can complete the Random Sounds application form, where you must indicate the following:

  • Artist's language.
  • Country of residence of the artist.
  • Artist's email.
  • Name of the artist.
  • TikTok link of the artist.
  • The artist's number of followers on TikTok.
  • Link to 5 articles/press releases about the artist.

And that's all! With this data, Random Sounds is responsible for requesting the verification of your artist profile on TikTok.

Once the request is made, all that remains is to wait, this process takes up to 4 weeks. TikTok doesn't send a notification letting you know if the request was approved or rejected.

Do you need help? Write to us at WhatsApp or to our email:

Can't you do this with your current distributor? 👀

Migrate your releases to Random Sounds and we'll help you request account verification on TikTok!

Do you need help? Write to us at WhatsApp or to our email:

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