Administración global de regalías editoriales para compositores

Global Distribution
Global Collection
Registra tus composiciones en 215 territorios, gracias a nuestros proveedores locales
Reportes Detallados
Entiende tus ingresos con reportes por país, tipo de regalía, fuente y periodo
Monitoreo Automático
Nuestra tecnología de carga y detección de uso permite recolectar más regalías
Atención Humana
Atención Humana
Nuestros profesionales responden tus preguntas y solicitudes todos los días

Sources of Royalties

SpotifyApple MusicDeezerTikTokTidalYouTube Music
And more than 35 streaming, direct selling, synchronization and micro-synchronization platforms.
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Contrata Publishing

Registro de Compositor
Completa los datos del compositor. Ingresarás su nombre completo, Sociedad de Gestión Colectiva y Número IPI.

Observación: Solo podemos trabajar con compositores registrados en una Sociedad de Gestión Colectiva.
Registra tus Canciones
Luego debes ingresar tus composiciones. Asigna los porcentajes que te corresponden como compositor.

Puedes incluir todas las versiones de una composición, importándolas de tu catálogo, de Spotify o ingresando los códigos ISRC.
Cobra tus Regalías
Registraremos las obras en las sociedades de gestión colectiva de todo el mundo. Recibirás una notificación trimestral con tu reporte detallado y pago de regalías.

Cobra con transferencia bancaria, Payoneer o PayPal.


Un pago por cada compositor para toda la vida


Registro ilimitado de composiciones
Importa canciones de tu catálogo de distribución
Importa canciones con Spotify
Importa canciones con ISRCs
Acceso a reportes
Pagos trimestrales
Contrato de 12 meses auto-renovable
15% de comisión sobre ingresos netos
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They Trust Us

We work with more than 4000 artists and labels from Latin America and the world

With Random Sounds I have quick solutions, their communication with the platforms is direct. They give me a lot of support with the editorial playlists for my releases.

Keila Sandoval

Songs are the most valuable thing for artists. There's nothing like feeling like those songs are in the hands of a team we can talk to.

Chirola Ruiz Diaz
Kchiporros & La De Roberto

Thanks to Random Sounds, we were verified on Instagram and we felt very well accompanied in the distribution process. The website is super intuitive and easy to use.

Gonzalo Resquin

It has been my best experience distributing. The speed of delivery to platforms and their real dedication to helping me grow as an artist are remarkable. I have been included in more editorial playlists, among many other achievements. This comes from the mouth of a former member of The Orchard, TuneCore and others.

Yuriel Es Música
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is editorial royalty management?

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Royalty publishing management consists of the work that a publishing company provides to composers. The work consists mainly of recording the compositions, monitoring the use of the compositions and the process of collecting, reporting and paying the royalties generated by the composers he manages.

Can I hire Publishing if I am not represented by a Collective Management Company?

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Random Sounds Publishing has as an exclusive requirement that composers are already represented by a Collective Management Company (SGC). This is because we need the composer to already have an IPI number, which is generated by Collective Management Societies.

What types of royalties does Random Sounds Publishing collect?

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Random Sounds Publishing collects mechanical royalties and public performance royalties.

I already collect my royalties from digital platforms with my distributor, why do I need a music publisher?

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Music distributors collect royalties from the master (or phonogram), that is, from the exploitation of recorded music. A music publisher (or publisher) is responsible for collecting royalties from compositions (or works). A composition can have one or many phonograms.

Do I need all the composers of a composition to work with the same publishing company to collect royalties?

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No. Each composer is free to work with the music publisher they want, and each music publisher can only manage the percentage that corresponds to their composers.

Do I need permission from other composers to register a composition?

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It is important that all the composers of a composition agree on the percentage that corresponds to each one. This is recorded in a document known as a “Split Sheet”. Based on this agreement, each composer is responsible for recording the percentage that corresponds to their music publisher.

Can I work with more than one music publisher?

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Yes, as long as you don't have exclusive agreements and you don't register the same compositions with another music publisher. You can only register a composition with a publisher, or else this composition will have conflicts and you won't be able to collect the royalties it generates.

Does Random Sounds Publishing require exclusivity?

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No, you're free to work with other publishers. You just have to keep in mind that you don't register the same compositions with other publishers, as that will generate conflicts and you won't be able to collect your royalties.

Can I cancel the Random Sounds Publishing contract at any time?

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Yes, you can cancel the Random Sounds Publishing contract at any time. Just keep in mind that the Random Sounds Publishing Publisher Agreement lasts 12 months and is automatically renewed in 12-month terms, so you'll probably have to wait until the contract runs out.

We define this contract duration as it is the minimum duration required by most Collective Management Societies for a music publisher to register composers.

Where can I read the Random Sounds Publishing Editorial Agreement?

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