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A service that helps musicians connect with more than 1000 professionals in the music industry, such as record labels, playlist curators and media. It was released in 2018.

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With Groover, you can submit your songs to professionals in the music industry to listen to your songs and respond to their feedback. This is particularly interesting for applying to mass media and playlist curators.
When you sign up for Groover, you'll be able to send your release to a range of media contacts, radio stations and record labels of your choice. You can even use search filters to help you find the best contacts for your music.
Select your song, choose contacts and write a simple speech for your release. You can even include a personal message for each contact to help you stand out.
Next, you'll need to buy Grooviz, virtual tokens that allow you to send your releases through Groover. Each contact you go to costs two Grooviz (1 Grooviz = 1 dollar).
Once you've completed your proposal, you'll receive a response within 7 days. If the people you've contacted don't respond within that time frame, your Grooviz will be returned to you for use for another release.

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