What are editorial playlists?

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Reach, streams, listeners, new territories. These are just a few of the many benefits of being selected for an editorial playlist.

Here's everything you need to know about editorial playlists.

Editorial Playlists

Also known as Official Playlists, these are playlists generated and curated by the publishers (human beings, not algorithms) of the platforms.

More than once you have listened to playlists such as “All Out 80's” or “This is: Shakira” on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube (or your favorite platform), or perhaps playlists based on moods or activities: “It's ALT Good”, “Sing in the Shower”, “Walk Like a Badass” or “Sad Bops”. These are the calls Editorial Playlists.

The platforms generate editorial playlists of all kinds, curated by publishers with different approaches and tastes. You can find playlists based on genre, news, mood, era, artists, etc. Editorial playlists are constantly updated so as not to get tired of the same old songs, so the user becomes a faithful listener of the playlist, as was the case with radio stations.

These playlists are generated to optimize the user experience within the platform when knowing what to listen to, perhaps for when we don't know how to animate a party with friends or start the week. Or simply to discover new songs or artists.

Thanks to these playlists, each platform's algorithm better understands the tastes and behavior of its users, and so automated recommendations are increasingly accurate.

If I'm an artist, how does it benefit me to access editorial playlists?

Being on editorial playlists benefits you on so many levels!

As we mentioned before, these playlists are made for users, so that they feel comfortable on the platform and generate greater loyalty. Therefore, editorial playlists have hundreds of thousands (even millions) of followers from different parts of the world.

The most important benefit is the exposure of your songs to hundreds of thousands of new listeners, and consequently, the potential discovery of your profile as an artist or band, and the rest of your songs. Users will normally play those playlists they love so much, and now your song is there. And if you catch their eye, you have new fans!

Another very important point of editorial playlists is to enter the radar of the Editors (or content curators) of the platforms. You must remember that these playlists are made, curated and updated by humans, so every time you submit an application for a release, a person is taking the time to listen to your song to decide if they can enter one (or several) of their playlists.

When you submit your release, the name of your song or the profile of your artist or band will stick in the minds of these publishers, and once again, if you catch their attention, you have another fan. In addition, whether you are selected or not, you can be considered in your next release, or even recommended to a colleague of the editor!

And finally, thanks to all these human efforts, you are “registered” in the algorithm of the platform that studies all users. So, at other times, the algorithm can include your song in the playlists that are automatically generated, exclusive to each user (Ex: Spotify's Daily Mix).

Not only will the release you applied for be considered by the algorithm, if the listener liked your song, they will recommend other songs by the same artist!

So, It is VERY important that you always apply for editorial playlists, especially if you're preparing a promotional campaign to boost the launch.

I want to apply for my next release: how do I do it?

If you are a Random Sounds artist and you want to apply for your next release, we are preparing the Guide to applying to Editorial Playlists with everything you need, in addition to very important tips and observations to consider when making an application.

If you're not a Random Sounds customer yet, we're waiting for you.

Migrate your releases from any distributor to with your Premium plan, and we'll help you apply for your next release.

If you need help, do not hesitate to write to us at WhatsApp or to our email:

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