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If you distribute with Random Sounds, you can now connect with your audience on Audiomack



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We're happy to announce that from now on, Random Sounds users will also be able to distribute their releases on the Audiomack platform.

This platform, founded in New York (US) in 2012, is characterized by prioritizing independent artists and their relationship with their fans.

Among the most outstanding features of the application are: Connect, a messaging system for artists to interact with their listeners; Supporters, where fans can directly support their favorite artists; and Audiomood, a new feature that allows listeners to accelerate, slow down and edit tracks in real time.

We highlight that our users will be able to distribute their music thanks to the active agreement between Random Sounds and Merlin, the independent music licensing partner. The agreement between Merlin and Audiomack was announced on April 18 and will mainly favor independent artists in the Music Industry.

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