Random Sounds In The Place To Be: Music Biz 2024

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Music Biz, the conference promoted by the Music Business Association, brings together the main exponents of the Music Industry in one place.

This is why at Random Sounds we are thrilled that our founder and CEO, Mark Meyer, is participating in all 4 days of the meeting. In which he will have the opportunity to share with other professionals everything we have learned in these 10 years in the industry.

Last year alone, more than 2100 members from different areas of the industry came together with the intention of connecting and sharing experiences that result in collective knowledge and allow each of the participants to take home interesting connections to continue growing.

From May 13 to 16, the industry moves to Nashville, Tennessee, and offers constant spaces for exchange at different levels and topics, all with the intention of allowing attendees to connect and discuss the main challenges of the industry in the short and medium term.

Are you also attending Music Biz? Get in touch and let's connect!

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