How To Become a Music Distributor: Create Your Own Digital Distributor with Random Sounds White Label

Your catalog. Your users. Your rules.



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Our White Label software allows you to become a music distributor creating a DIY music distribution platform on your website, enabling your customers to manage their catalog and royalties. You manage the catalog and clients under your brand, and we take care of everything else.

Why choose the Random Sounds White Label?

With over a decade of music distribution expertise, we're launching this service to work together with great music companies with our distribution technology developed in-house.

Your distribution platform will deliver music to all major global digital music platforms. And that's not it, our software has over 20 integrations with tools that you can use to manage your operations in one central hub.

The best part? Your users can manage their catalog and royalties from any device, anytime, anywhere.

With Random Sounds White Label, your company can focus 100% on acquiring and managing a music catalog, while our software and service works for you to help you generate more profits.

How to grow your business?

🎵 Distribute the catalog of your artists and labels to more than 35 music platforms

👤 Your users are responsible for distributing the music

💵 Monitor the detailed revenues of your entire catalog

📢 Distribute royalties based on automated reports

 Learn about our plans and become an industry leader

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