Merlin Connect: Promoting Technology Platforms with Quality Music and Independent Power

The Merlin Digital Music Licensing Association presents a new solution with independent power



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In the dynamic world of emerging technology platforms, access to quality music is crucial to improving the user experience and promoting sustainable growth. However, the process of obtaining music licenses can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming, especially for those who are new to the industry. This is where it comes into play Merlin Connect, an innovative solution designed to transform this reality.

What is Merlin Connect?

Merlin Connect is positioned as a comprehensive solution that allows emerging platforms to access an extensive catalog of high-quality independent music.

Backed by major independent record labels, distributors and rights holders, Merlin Connect represents more than 15% of the global recorded music market. This privileged access not only enriches the platforms' music libraries, but it also strengthens their ability to attract and retain users.

Merlin Connect Benefits

1. Platform Experience Transformation: Integrating quality music significantly improves the user experience, making the platform more attractive and immersive.

2. Growth Amplification: With a diverse and attractive catalog, platforms can expand their user base and increase long-term retention.

3. Boosting User Participation: The right music not only attracts users, but it also increases their interaction and engagement with the platform.

How does it work?

Merlin Connect facilitates the process of obtaining high-quality music through a simplified system:

- Independent record labels select a subset of their best music for Merlin Connect.

- Using the Merlin delivery API, music is integrated without technical complications or lengthy delivery protocols.

By partnering with Merlin Connect, emerging platforms not only gain access to quality music, but also receive strategic guidance and practical support from the global Merlin team. This support includes marketing opportunities, mentoring on best practices, and ongoing assistance to optimize the impact of music on the overall success of the platform.

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