Releasing New Music on Spotify: The Ultimate Guide for Independent Artists

Spotify For Artists has already released its long-awaited New Music Release Guide, check it out here



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Spotify For Artists has released its long-awaited New Music Release Guide, consolidating its growing set of marketing tools into a step-by-step manual designed to facilitate the release of new music.

From free tools such as Countdown Pages and Clips, which can be used to promote before release, to strategies for maintaining promotion throughout the music lifecycle, Spotify's New Music Release Guide provides a clear structure to maximize the impact of each release.

Spotify Launch Guide Highlights
Followers and Playlists

A key recommendation is to make sure that fans follow you on Spotify. This ensures that they hear your music on their Release Radar and in the What's New feed.

Countdown Pages

They allow fans to pre-save music, preview the tracklist, explore new merchandise, see Clips that preview unreleased tracks, and count the days until the release. All this to increase crucial views in the first week.


These short videos can have a big impact on the release of new music. They generate emotion by sharing the stories behind your music, which drives more plays.


It's the art of the album for the streaming era. Add a loop view before release to give listeners an eye-catching visual experience from the first playback.

Pitching for Playlists

Make sure to submit your main track at least two weeks before the release. Spotify playlist publishers listen carefully and consider including it in publishing lists based on its potential to resonate with fans worldwide.


Place your new music in a prominent place, inviting listeners to explore more deeply.

Discovery Mode

Prepare your fans for the release by reminding them of other songs from your catalog.


Create buzz for new music and keep the momentum going by attracting new listeners to the Spotify homepage.

Artist Profile

Prepare everything for launch day, including merchandise, your artist selection, and the most recent image gallery.


The Spotify New Music Release Guide not only simplifies the release process, but it also demonstrates Spotify's commitment to independent artists. With these powerful tools and important upcoming announcements, Spotify is moving toward its vision of being the best home for releasing and promoting new music.

For independent artists, this guide represents an invaluable opportunity to reach new audiences and make every release count in today's competitive music landscape.

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