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Verify and customize your artist account through Apple Music for Artists



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Don't you have your verified Apple Music account yet? Don't worry!

Random Sounds explains step by step how to verify your account through Apple Music for Artists, Apple's tool focused on artists.

Verify artist account on Apple Music

To verify your account, you must request access to Apple Music for Artists:

1. Sign in to Apple Music

Visit the web or download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

Sign in with your Apple account. If you don't have an Apple account yet, you must create one.

2. Select Artist

When you log in to your account you will be able to see the following screen.

Here will be all the artists you have access to, as well as all the pending requests.

To find your profiles, enter the artist's name or you can paste the artist's iTunes Store link.

To get the link, you must enter the iTunes Store, search for the artist's page and click on “Copy link”.

3. Fill in your details

Complete all the information Apple requires to verify your identity.

Note: In Business Email Address, you must enter the email address that you use for work.

In the “Label Contact” field you can check the “No Label” option if you are an artist without a record label.

The same with the “Management Contact” field, you can check the “Self-Managed” field if you are an artist without a manager.

In the “Notes” field, you can write about the artist, so that Apple has as much information as possible to verify your identity.

4. Ready!

Your request has been sent successfully.

You will receive notifications about the processing of your request by email.

You now have access to Apple Music for Artists

Congratulations! Apple Music accepted your request, your account is now verified.

In addition, you can now access or mobile apps to customize your Apple Music profile and track the performance of your music from there.

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An important note: You can only request access to a profile that already exists in Apple Music 👀. Profiles are generated on Apple Music (and other platforms) once you have distributed your songs through a distributor (such as Random Sounds).

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