Angel Investment and incorporation in the United States: we are Random Sounds, Inc.

Institutional information about the company and foundation's first round of investment in the United States



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Random Sounds began as a side-project in late 2013 and was released on April 15, 2014, when digital music was dominated by direct sales and streaming was still in its infancy in the region.

We are pleased to announce that after 7 years and 7 months of operations, in September 2021, we received angel investment from a pair of entrepreneurs that we admired since the beginning of their journey, who joined the project by contributing much more than initial capital. They provide the expertise, connections and vision they generated after having traveled a path that led them to Exit Of your Startup.

In search of following the company's growth, improving financial operations and agreements with key partners, we set up Random Sounds, Inc. in the State of Delaware, in the United States.

We are very happy to share this news, seeking to remain open in the process of growth and expansion of Random Sounds.

With the love of always, the Random Sounds 💚 team

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